Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Justine's Story

Justine tells her story about growing up in Illinois. She recalls her time in high school and her experience in the choir, the speech team, and the plays. During high school, she spent a lot of time with her friends, hanging out with boys, and going to dances. Her history teacher, she remembers was an important figure in her life and once told her "If anyone believes you have the truth, run the other way." To hear more about Justin's story, follow this link.

Memories such as this are important to understanding who we are today. StoryPress has taken the initiative to to make sure we can remember these experiences. By preserving your stories in your own voice, you can ensure that your memories are preserved forever.


  1. Thanks for sharing Justine's story - I look forward to reading it.

    Catherine (@OshawaJournal)

  2. Welcome to Geneabloggers!!

    Regards, Grant